Lose Your Belly with Just 2 Exercise Moves

Carve a Sexy Core in 2 Moves

A couple of days ago, a client asked me what seemed like a pretty simple question:
What are the 2 best exercises to burn belly fat?

As you can imagine this wasn’t an easy question to answer and it took
me a few minutes to really think about it using all the knowledge I had
with previous clients. After some serious thinking, I came up with a
pretty solid answer I think you’ll like.
So, if you can only do
two exercises, these are the best two for working up a sweat, burning
calories, and shredding that annoying belly fat.
Now keep in mind,
this isn’t a complete workout. But a few sets of these can make a big
impact on your fat loss results. If you’re tight on time or need a
couple more exercises to round out your routine, give these bad boys a

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