Obesity and Overweight - The World's Highlighted Problem of the Era

A revolution is required to fight against obesity and overweight. It is the biggest problem of the time in world at this time. Developed and developing nations all are encircle by this lethal disease and try their hard to combat but in vain.
To combat obesity is only possible through strong will and exercise. There are lot of things which you have to abstain from. 
US citizens know Mr. Bloomberg's anti-obesity campaign which enlightened a lot of people about the risk of obesity and overweight.
The campaign lead to a legislation for limitation of Sugary drinks less than 16 ounce per serving limit which banned by a supreme court judge one day before implementation.
Mr. Bloomberg's campaign shed a lot of light on the obesity and created awareness although it did not succeeded in legislation. 
US Gov. is implementing higher taxes on soda items so that people abstain from using those items. It worked best on cigarettes previously.
All these campaigns and steps show severity of this disease which is called obesity or overweight.
In fight against obesity and overweight here I am going to give few tips which I found useful in my life and to people to whom I recommended.
  • 5 to 6 seeds intake of almond before taking any meal helps fight against sugar levels in the blood stream. It is good for fighting against obesity and also for fight against diabetes.
  • Same count for peanut seeds is helpful too for obesity because it contains too much fibers.
  • Okra or lady finger also in some countries known as gumbo is good for fighting against sugar levels in the blood stream.
How to use Okra or Gumbo?
I found Okra very good for the patients of diabetes who face high sugar levels in their blood stream.
One villager woman was allergic to medicines like taking insuline. I suggested her okra put in a glass of water at night and use it early in the morning in fasting. Okra must be cut into pieces before putting into the glass of water. Through out the pieces of okra and drink only water.
Use of okra for a week's time bring her enormous results she remarkably recovered to her normal sugar levels.
I don't have evidence about okra that it could fight obesity but it could control sugar. 
These tips are for only help if you are serious patient you must consult a physician.   
You must remember if you are too obese you need some sort of medicine and supplementation to come back to normal.

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